A message from the president

Welcome to the Massachusetts Gamma Chapter of Pi Beta Phi at MIT! We’re happy to welcome you to our chapter’s website, and we hope you get to know a little bit about our chapter by browsing through our pictures and reading about our members.

Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women is a national organization dedicated to personal growth and development. We are a values-based organization comprised of sisters who are women of intellect and integrity, true leaders, and sincere friends. The Massachusetts Gamma Chapter was founded in 2008 and since then our sisters have left their mark on both our Panhellenic and MIT communities.

Pi Phi at MIT is a unique group of women that has helped me in every aspect of my college career. We are engineers, rocket scientists, programmers, researchers, entrepreneurs, economists, and much more. These women inspire me every day to be a better scholar, a better leader, and a better friend. I can always count on a helping hand or a supportive shoulder from any one of our one hundred sisters. They have welcomed every new sister with open arms and allowed hundreds of MIT women to call Pi Phi their home away from home.

Our sisters are strong, intelligent women who will one day change the world. We invite you to browse our website and see for yourself what makes each of us proud to be sisters of the Massachusetts Gamma Chapter of Pi Beta Phi at MIT!

Pi Phi Love and Mine,

Casey Wessel
Chapter President

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